Even Lovers Get the Blues

Even Lovers Get the Blues

April 2, 4:30 PM – April 2, 7:30 PM

Brattle Theatre


1h 35m Belgium French Foreign

Ana is sleeping with Hugo, Dalhia with Graciano, Léo with Louis, and Arthur with everyone. Parties and love affairs lead to heart searching, deep desires and the craving to live life to the full. Even Lovers Get the Blues draws the portrait of the love and sexual lives of disenchanted and passionate young people.

This screening is proudly co-presented by The Harvard-MIT Belgian Society, The Bisexual Resource Center, and the Honorary Consulate of Belgium in New England.

And why not?

Virginie, a charming girl girl, is waiting for an old girl friend she lost touch with but met up with again on the social networks. In the meantime, a man sitting in the bar takes his chance to approach her. Is he only a womanizer or more than that?

Dir. Nicolas Fay. 12 min. France. 2016.

Directed by Nicolas Fay 12 m French France