Out Run

Out Run

April 9, 1:00 PM – April 9, 4:00 PM

Bright Family Screening Room at the Paramount Center


Philipines Tagalog Documentary

As leader of the world’s only LGBT political party, Bemz Benedito dreams of being the first transgender woman in the Philippine Congress. But in a predominantly Catholic nation, rallying for LGBT representation in the halls of Congress is not an easy feat. Bemz and her eclectic team of queer political warriors must rethink traditional campaign strategies to amass support from unlikely places. Taking their equality campaign to small-town hair salons and regional beauty pageants, the activists mobilize working-class trans hairdressers and beauty queens to join the fight against their main political opponent, a homophobic evangelical preacher, and prove to the Filipino electorate that it’s time to take the rights of LGBT people seriously. But as outsiders trying to get inside the system, will they have to compromise their political ideals in order to win? Culminating on election day, OUT RUN provides a unique look into the challenges LGBT people face as they transition into the mainstream and fight for dignity, legitimacy, and acceptance across the globe.

This event is proud to be co-presented by: Boston Asian American Film Festival


TransLadies is a documentary that focuses on the turbulent journey of three different transgender women from different cultures. Finding love, overcoming adversity ,and discovering their identity; these women share unique stories of their search for happiness in life.

Dir. Leonardo Suarez. 15 min. Mexico, USA. 2016.

Directed by Leonardo Suarez 15 m English Canada, Mexico