Perpetual Becomings: Queer Experimental Shorts

Perpetual Becomings: Queer Experimental Shorts

April 9, 1:00 PM – April 9, 3:00 PM

Bright Family Screening Room at the Paramount Center


Queer identity revels in instability, fluidity, conflict, and difference. Across time and space, the ways in which we identify and exist are influenced by places, people, images, and ideas that we encounter. This program of experimental shorts highlights the sometimes messy, yet always productive, ways in which Queers are constantly forging new identities, and how these identities are often informed on past, present, and future concepts of self.

Gods of the Supermarket

"In times of the body positivity movement, this film
pays tribute to the male body with which the director
has a love-hate relationship. Both obsessed and
frustrated by it, this ideal body represents an

Directed by Alberto Gonzalez Morales 8 m English, French Switzerland

Lying in Bed Alone, Breathing

A documentation of and meditation on the internal
and external worlds of gender dysphoria, as
experienced by, shot by, narrated by, and written
out by the subject at the film's core. Audio
description and open captions are implemented
throughout the film to create a conversation
between the typically inaudible and ineligible
voices of the queer body and mind.

Directed by Tris Arthur 10 m English USA


A sentimental love letter from woman to woman

Directed by Seokyoung Yang 6 m English Republic of Korea

Kerel (Sea of Love)

Trapped in a cargo ship during the lockdown,
Kerel, a gay Filipino seafarer is confronted by
his memory and recalls his complicated past,
present, and future self.

Directed by Jon Cuyson 14 m Tagalog Philippines


A teenager is questioning their gender identity
and the relationship with their mother. They are
looking for an answer by God itself.

Directed by Emiliano Sisolfi 8 m Italian Italy

History is a Black Circle

A science fiction essay that travels through time
and queer bodies, as well as the black of it all.

Directed by Hamid Waheed 23 m English Norway

Dentata Pearls

DENTATA PEARLS is an experimental film that
emerged during the time of isolation, out of a
desire for intimacy and a need for escape. It is a
sci-fi, queer fairytale - manifesto that envisions a
non-heteropatriarchal world of self-determination,
emancipation, and mutual care.

Directed by Antigoni "Bunny" Tsagkaropoulou 12 m English Greece

The Taking of Jordan (All American Boy)

Jordan, an amateur adult performer,
recalls the horror of his many former lives.

Directed by Kalil Haddad 8 m English Canada