Students & First-Timers

Students & First-Timers

April 2, 2:00 PM – April 2, 5:00 PM

Brattle Theatre


A selection of short films from students and first-time directors.


A sexually inexperienced and lonely young woman downloads a dating app on her birthday and seeks out a casual encounter with another woman.

Dir. Laura Dudgeon. 12 min. Australia. 2016.

Directed by Laura Dudgeon 13 m


Flora, a transgender woman, is exposed to prejudice when she uses the women’s bathroom for the first time during a visit to a small cafe.

Dir. Drina Andre. 10 min. USA. 2016.

Directed by Alexandrina Andre 11 m

TRANSaction: stepping out of the closet

Wardrobe shopping is a necessary part of life. For transgender students, shopping has different trials than for their cisgender peers. This short film documents their experience.

Dir. Bridget Galaty. 6 min. USA. 2016.

Directed by Bridget Galaty 6 m


An abstract tale of love, loss, and moving forward.

Dir. Dylan Oliver. 9 min. USA. 2016.

Directed by Angelica Vasquez 9 m

Rainbow Day Camp

Thousands of young people are pushing the boundaries of gender. In 2015 a summer camp was created in the Bay Area to provide youth a safe and fun place to express their identity.

Dir. Horacio Marquinez. 31 min. USA. 2016.

Directed by Horacio Marquinez 31 m


Max, a deaf 12-year-old, becomes infatuated with his big sister's boyfriend during a weekend retreat.

Dir. Christian Coppola. 13 min. USA. 2016.

Directed by Christian Coppola 13 m


Inspired by true events, "Prom?" tells the story of two girls who have to choose to keep their pride or give in (in order to go to the prom together).

Dir. Brett Boon. 3 min. USA. 2016.

Directed by Brett Boon 3 m

My First Drag Show

'My First Drag Show' captures the experiences of first time drag performers as they take the stage at Florida State University's Amateur Drag Show.

Dir. Brian Graves. 5 min. USA. 2016.

Directed by Brian Graves 5 m

Josie Grossy

A hesitant guy walks into a bar and he has an unforgettable experience.

Dir. Christopher Charles Baker. 5 min. USA. 2016.

Directed by Christopher Charles Baker 6 m