Trans Shorts (Part 1)

Trans Shorts (Part 1)

July 26, 4:00 PM – August 2, 11:00 PM


This is a virtual event. All shorts programs will be available between April 1-30, 2021 and all feature films will be available for ten days between April 8-18, 2021.

The first of two trans-themed shorts programs in this year’s fest begins with a mermaid and ends with a unicorn. It dances in many places, and tells many stories. Come along on this journey to many lands and spaces, many views and faces, of trans experience. Curated by Diane Griffin.

Chrishna Ombwiri

Chrishna became a woman again. As the water goes by, she remembers and tells us. The spirits of the river watch.

Directed by Claire Doyon | 2019 | 12 min | France | French with English Subtitles

Directed by Claire Doyon 12 m French with English Subtitles France

Dance, Dance, Evolution

Dance, Dance, Evolution is a short documentary film exploring transgender people’s relationship to dance.

Directed by Jules Roskam | 2019 | 18 min | United States | English

Directed by Jules Roskam 18 m English United States

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Everyone In Between

A short essay film attempting to formally combine day-to-day props and itineraries in Beirut. These elements, whether formally gendered or transformed into something that is, all become part of a personal narrative where I am made aware of my gender. This experiment challenges the notion of the binary as I navigate through the city as both male, female, and neither.

Directed by Ash Wadi | 2019 | 10 min | Lebanon | Arabic with English subtitles

Directed by Ash Wadi 10 m Arabic with English subtitles Lebanon

Down Dog

In the two weeks they’ve known one another, yoga instructor Tammy hasn't had a chance to talk to Marcus about her trans experience. Does she have to? A question considered by thousands of transgender people daily.

Directed by Shae Xu 9 m English United States

Trans in Trumpland: Rebecca's Story

Rebecca is a woman of transgender experience. An immigrant from Mexico, Rebecca has had to fight for everything she has; womanhood, asylum, and community. In this short documentary, we explore all the ways in which Rebecca is a beacon of resilience in the face of an increasingly hostile political climate.

Directed by Tony Zosherafatain | 2019 9 min | United States | English

Content Warning: Descriptions of Abuse.

Directed by Tony Zosherafatain 9 m English United States

Miller & Son

A transwoman mechanic lives between running her family’s auto shop during the day and expressing her femininity at night, until an unforeseen event threatens the balance of her compartmentalized life.

Directed by Asher Jelinsky | 2019 | 21 min | United States | English

Directed by Asher Jelinsky 21 m English United States

A Brief History of the Unicorn

"A young girl who is fascinated by unicorns comes into conflict
with her parents and her catholic school when she demands that her confirmation sponsor be her aunt, who is a transgender woman."

Directed by Mina Sewell Mancuso | 2019 | 15 min | Canada | English

Directed by Mina Sewell Mancuso 15 m English Canada