Up and Coming

Up and Coming

July 25, 1:00 PM – July 26, 1:00 PM



This is a virtual event. All shorts programs will be available between April 1-30, 2021 and all feature films will be available for ten days between April 8-18, 2021.

This year's up-and-coming program is guaranteed to make you excited about where queer filmmaking is going. Watch as young queer filmmakers touch upon living with AIDS in today's world, see how Melbourne's first gay liberation movement inspired the youth, get a fresh take on what it means to seek comfort from an ex, or what it is like to want to be part of a drag family. This is only the beginning for these young and talented filmmakers, and for many, the first step to a long, fruitful, and most importantly, queer career. This is your chance to be among the first to support them!

Backing Up Bilitis

Seventeen-year-old closeted Jane creates an underground event in the basement of her suburban home, all on the brink of Melbourne's first gay liberation movement.

Directed by Abbie Pobjoy | 2019 | 12 min | Australia | English

Directed by Abbie Pobjoy 12 m English Australia

Friends Like That

After getting dumped, Maia seeks solace by crashing with her best ex Alex.

Directed by Francesca de Fusco | 2019 | 8 min | United States | English

Directed by Francesca de Fusco 8 m English United States


Corey’s first night out having fun ends up in a shady gyno run.

Directed by Stella Asmon | 2019 | 5 min | United States | English

Directed by Stella Asmon 5 m English United States

You're Already Here

After a college professor unexpectedly dies, a student discovers the true feelings he had for him.

Directed by Michael Austin Nicolo | 2019 | 15 min | United States | English

Content Warning: Suicide.

Directed by Michael Austin Nicolo 15 m English United States

Here Lies Truth

When an obsessed fan threatens the success of New York's wunderkind 'it' writer, Christian St. Clair, his agent and friend must decipher for herself what is truth and what is fiction.

Directed by David Elijah, Lauren Flack | 2019 | 17 min | United States | English

Directed by David Elijah, Lauren Flack 17 m English United States


The serendipitous reunion of Arianne, Sophia and Émile at a photo exhibition quickly turns into a celebration. However, Arianne finds herself caught in a power play of unspoken tension with her old friends.

Directed by Sandrine Maltais | 2019 | 12 min | Canada | English

Directed by Sandrine Maltais 12 m English Canada


A hook-up between two young men - they make a connection, but it quickly becomes apparent they're looking for different things.

Directed by Jamie Di Spirito | 2019 | 17 min | United Kingdom | English

Directed by Jamie Di Spirito 17 m English United Kingdom


Foundation is about a drag performer, Kasha La Bouche, who is ready to become a star. She finally gets her moment to shine when the famous drag mother, Señorita, enters the bar. Desperately wanting to be a part of a drag family, Kasha tries to slay her final performance. But what Kasha forgot is that she doesn’t need to look too far to find a community of her own amongst her fellow performers.

Directed by James Elinski | 2019 | 10 min | United States | English

Directed by James Elinski 10 m English United States