2017 Festival Jury

2017 Jury!

We are proud to announce the jury members for the 33rd Wicked Queer Film Festival.

Narrative Feature Jury.

Michael Gamilla.
Michael Gamilla is the Programming Director of ImageOut Rochester LGBTQ Film Festival in Upstate New York. His love for movies and his desire to serve the LGBTQ community have equally fueled his passion to volunteer for the Film Festival for the last 15 years where he has launched the Flower City Flicks LGBTQ shorts competition for local filmmakers and also founded the popular festival side bar ImageOut There! Series showcasing LGBTQ films with edgier themes.
He has served on the international film festival juries at the Berlinale Teddy Awards, Inside Out Toronto, TLVfest Tel Aviv, Frameline San Francisco, MiFo Miami LGBT, and Iris Prize in Cardiff, Wales. When not busy with the Festival, he earns a living as an analyst in the Information Technology field.

Anna Feder.
Anna Feder has been working with film festivals in various capacities for two decades. She runs trips to Sundance, SXSW and Cannes for Emerson College students. She served as the Networking Program Manager for the Creative Mind Group advising students and setting opportunities for them at the Cannes film festival for six years. Previous to this, she served as associate director of the Northampton Independent Film Festival and was the director of the Boston Underground Film Festival for seven years and a programmer for Wicked Queer, the Boston LGBT film fest for four years.
Anna holds a BA in Film Analysis and Technique from UMass Amherst and an MFA in Film Production from Boston University. Professionally, she works as the Director of Programming in the Visual Media Arts department at Emerson College and curates the Bright Lights film series in the Bright Family Screening Room housed in the Paramount Theatre in Boston. She is an evangelist for Cinema culture.

Kj Surkan.
Kj Surkan is a lecturer in the Women and Gender Studies Department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Documentary Feature Jury

Beyza Boyacioglu.
Beyza Boyacioglu is an award-winning documentarian and artist from Istanbul. She works as a Producer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Open Documentary Lab. She has an MSc in Comparative Media Studies from MIT and an MFA in Computer Art from School of Visual Arts. Boyacioglu was a fellow in 2012-2013 UnionDocs Collaborative Studio in Brooklyn where she co-directed Toñita’s. Her work has been exhibited in various venues and festivals including MoMA, IDFA, Anthology Film Archives, PS1, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Creative Time Summit, and Morelia International Film Festival. Boyacioglu has also curated a documentary series named Fiction-Non at Maysles Cinema in New York. Currently Boyacioglu is producing a cross-platform documentary about Turkey’s queer pop legend Zeki Müren. One branch of the project is Zeki Müren Hotline, a participatory telephone hotline and an interactive web experience that collects and curates people’s messages to and about Müren. Zeki Müren Hotline was premiered at IDFA DocLab 2016 where it was nominated for Digital Storytelling Award. The second branch of the project is a feature documentary (in production) named A Prince from Outer Space: Zeki Müren.

Alexia Kosmider.
Alexia Kosmider is Senior Lecturer at RISD ,where she teaches in Literary Arts and Studies.
Alexia has directed and produced five documentaries; her most recent documentary, TransJourney (Co-Directed with Blue Wade) premiered at the Rhode Island Film International Festival (2014). The film was awarded an Audience Award from the Palm Springs LGBT Film Festival (2015). In Fall 2015, she was awarded a sabbatical and worked on drafting a screenplay called Small Steps in Black Birkenstocks, a romantic comedy about an older woman who plunges reluctantly, and rather naively into the online dating scene only to find herself entangled with a vindictive ex who creates havoc on her world.

Kurtlan Massarsky.
Kurtlan Massarsky is the Director of Development and Marketing at the Boston Alliance of LGBTQ+ Youth (BAGLY) for almost six years, and is excited to be a jury member for Wicked Queer Film Festival. While having virtually no artistic talent of his own, he enjoys film as an important medium to tell stories and reach people through a visual medium that can have a visceral and lasting impact.

Through his work at BAGLY he can attest to the importance of representation, affirmation, and validation through film, and the positive income it can make on the lives of queer youth. As the community reels from the political turmoil in Washington, and locally, supporting queer youth through the arts, financial generosity, and volunteerism is more critical than it's been in a generation, or more. He is thankful to the Wicked Queer Film Festival for their long-range vision and consistent inclusion of youth voices in their festival.