US PREMIERE: Being Impossible

Yo Imposible

US PREMIERE: Being Impossible

Saturday, Apr 6, 2019 • 4:00 PM

Brattle Theatre


Directed by Patricia Ortega 1h 37m Spanish with English subtitles Venezuela Drama, Foreign

Ariel is a young religious dressmaker who, after a failed sexual encounter, discovers a secret her family has tried to hide all of her like: she was born intersex but, after corrective surgery, raised as a girl. A decision is now in her horizon: she can either keep living as a socially accepted but oppressed woman or live her life as an intersexual person and face the judgement of society.

This event is proud to be co-presented by: Boston Latino International Film Festival , LatinX Pride , The Theatre Offensive


A teenage girl lives her first feelings of love and desire. But while she discovers orgasm in the arms of a ladyfriend, she suffers an incredible metamorphosis. It follows rejection, disconnection of reality, isolation, disgust of herself and of sex. However, she will realize that this strange skill could be more a gift than a blemish... A pop and fantastic tale about emergence of sexuality and self-acceptance.

Directed by Marion Renard 18 m