US PREMIERE: Birds of the Borderlands

US PREMIERE: Birds of the Borderlands

April 3, 8:00 PM – April 3, 11:00 PM

MFA, Boston


Directed by Jordan Bryon 1h 33m Australia English, Arabic Documentary

Birds of The Borderlands follows four Arab queers as they risk their place in their families, communities and even countries to be themselves. Hiba is a Bedouin trans-girl fleeing her tribe before they discover her secret transition; Youssef is a gay Iraqi refugee murder-witness, waiting in hiding for UNHCR to hand him his fate; Khalaf is a gay Imam turned LGBT activist forced to seek asylum abroad after a vicious assault from his family; Rasha is a young Jordanian feminist who finds herself in a relationship with Jordan, the Australian filmmaker who is determined to help the film’s characters but doesn’t understand the price paid for freedom in a country where honor can still be thicker than blood.

This event is proud to be co-presented by: MIRA Coalition , Boston Women's Film Festival , LGBT Asylum Task Force , Queer Muslims of Boston , Muslims for Progressive Values