Experimental Shorts

Experimental Shorts

March 31, 3:00 PM – March 31, 6:00 PM

Brattle Theatre


Odysseus and the Oceanic Feeling

A queer contemporary reimagining of the Odyssey. Odysseus wracked with guilt for the loss of his crew returns home in search of a lost love.

Dakota Nanton

Directed by Dakota Nanton 26 m English USA

Feelin' Myself

Realism and representation are strained with rapid cutting and colored ink.

Directed by Edward Perkins 3 m USA

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene is a construct of personal, mythological and political projections of the fluid identity of the individual. This digital representation fragments, and layers the profile that is representative of multiple gender identities.

Directed by MM Serra 5 m English USA

from this side of space to the other side of the signal

Computer generated bodies and body parts glistening with video material generated via this system perform actions that queer the line between digital, physical and analog, homoeroticism and violence––entangled in a fragmented high-modernist grid.

Directed by Benjamin Rosenthal 10 m English USA

The Somnambulist

Dreams of the past become tangible as a man revisits the passions of his youth.

Directed by Duane Michals 8 m English USA

Out Back, Behind the Shrubs

A group of mask figures travel through a world unknown.

Directed by Kyle Mangione-Smith 3 m English USA

The Green Wardrobe

A hybrid of psychodrama and essay film that considers a series of recurring dreams that feature a book titled The Green Wardrobe. Through various attempts at trying to figure out what type of significance a book that only exists in my dream might have for me, as well as its potential to be exploited as a starting point for a personal mythology, ideas are formed then fall apart, revealing more of the same thing that is somehow completely different.

Directed by Frankie Symonds 44 m English USA