Experimental Shorts: ON QUEER UTOPIAS

Experimental Shorts: ON QUEER UTOPIAS

July 27, 4:00 PM – August 2, 11:00 PM



This is a virtual event. All shorts programs will be available between April 1-30, 2021 and all feature films will be available for ten days between April 8-18, 2021.

Dreaming of states of being where we can dream, love, and exist on our own terms.

End Of Story

Part introspective free-fall, part homage to the filmmakers who nurtured me, this movie uses several series created in the last two years as material to consider the powers of context, order, and sensory overload in considering a story.

Directed by Frankie Symonds | 2019 | 12 min | United States | English

Directed by Frankie Symonds 12 m English United States

eadem cutis: the same skin

„I just want to be seen as the one I am today“ – In this experimental animated documentary John takes the viewer with him into the world of body and identity.

Directed by Nina Hopf | 2019 | 6 min | Germany | German with English subtitles

Directed by Nina Hopf 6 m German with English subtitles Germany


RUN! is a queer, experimental, anti-war film. Production began in the summer of 2017, during Trump’s escalation of nuclear war and shortly after he announced his transgender military ban. While many mainstream LGBT organizations and their allies committed to fight against the trans military ban, RUN! is aligned with radical queer activists who have responded with critiques of the US military for their violence around the globe, destruction of the environment, and the trauma inflicted on service members and veterans. (https://queertranswarban.wordpress.com).

Directed by Malic Amalya | 2019 | 11 min | United States | English

Directed by Malic Amalya 11 m English United States

Closeted Lesbian

This is a late apology, a late loveletter, a late goodbye.

Directed by Bia Lee | 2020 | 6 min | Brazil | English, Portuguese with English subtitles

WARNING: Viewer discretion advised.

Directed by Bia Lee 6 m English, Portuguese with English subtitles Brazil

His Eyes Behind Mine

Based on a personal story. An emotional journey through love, sex, obsession, and violence.

Directed by Ziwei Qin | 2019 | 6 min | United States | English

Directed by Ziwei Qin 6 m English United States


In “Roses” director João Queiroga merges performance and documentary media to poetically tell the story of his first sexual experience as a young teenager in performative documentary film.

Directed by Joao Queiroga | 2019 | 2 min | United States | English

Directed by Joao Queiroga 2 m English United States

The Fathers Project: What if AIDS never existed? Episodes 1-5 (Uncensored Version)

Fathers is a sci-fi short docu-series that imagines the world if AIDS never happened and a generation lived to change the world. A queer utopia named Stonewall Nation has been founded by a generation of activist and artists, Vito Russo has become our first gay president, the Gay Mens Health Force has invented poppers that cure STD's, and gay Mardi Gras Krewes have provided care for LGBT elderly. By 2020, a new queer religion has been created.

Directed by Leo Herrera | 2019 | 40 min | United States | English

Directed by Leo Herrera 40 m English United States