Firsts: Shorts from the Up and Coming

Firsts: Shorts from the Up and Coming

April 2, 2:00 PM – April 2, 4:00 PM

Brattle Theatre


These first time and student filmmakers celebrate the vulnerability that follows authentic human interaction. First same sex attractions. First feels. First sleepovers. First heartaches. They remind us that every time can feel like the first, even when you pay for it.

Blaues Rauschen (Blue Noise)

A young apprentice craftsman is not only dazed by the noise at work. In a chaotic world, among dominant colleagues, an inaccessible father as well as a demanding girlfriend, the young man seeks closeness. In the process, he crosses a boundary and gets to know himself a bit better.

Directed by Simon Maria Kubiena 16 m German Germany

It Had to Be You

When Cleo falls for a customer at the coffee shop she works at, she must catch his attention before her more beautiful coworker does.

Directed by Camryn Garrett 8 m English USA

Light Leak

Oscar has two faithful partners: Lucas, his best friend since childhood, and his Super 8 film camera. Right when he starts shooting his new short film with Lucas as the main lead, he realizes that what he feels for him is more than just friendship.

Directed by Carlos C. Insuela, Carla Voces 13 m Spanish Spain

Up on The Roof

"Up on the Roof" is the second part to a three part short film anthology series entitled "Strangers." This particular short is inspired by questions that I have about being afraid of intimacy, lack of experience and desperation. I was also very intrigued by the idea of a character whose personal gratification comes from making others feel good - no matter their sexual orientation. This story is very near and dear to my heart as I explore my own journey with intimacy, boundaries, consent and self-love.

Directed by Timmy Thompson 12 m English USA

As You Are

When an interabled queer couple spends the night together for the first time, they must confront their complex relationships with desire, sexuality, bodily autonomy, and what it means truly to love another person.

Directed by Daisy Friedman 14 m English USA

Miss Misery

After being broken up with by her girlfriend, a willful nineteen year old must recount her past mistakes during a visit with her estranged older sister.

Directed by Keely Martin 18 m English USA

Mom Dad

Mom, Dad. I am sorry I am sending this in a video.

Directed by Sydney Rose Walker 2 m English USA

Magic Trick

A queer meet cute with a touch of magic.

Directed by Chris Lennox-Aasen 5 m English Canada