GTFO 2021

GTFO 2021

April 1, 12:00 AM – April 30, 11:59 PM


This is a virtual event. All shorts programs will be available between April 1-30, 2021 and all feature films will be available for ten days between April 8-18, 2021.

This year’s “GTFO” program will have you saying just that. Join us for a showcase of the outlandish. The outrageous. The over-the-top. The unnerving. The unconventional. The un-categorizable. Maybe don’t bring your mom. Curated by the Wicked Queer team.

Content Warning: Viewer discretion advised.

Pride & Prejudice & Gays

Gender swaps. Cross-dressing. Drag. Georgian era glamour with a contemporary flare. This period dramtire follows Darcy, a proud, rich, and austere woman who is determined to win the spirited Lizzy Bennet’s hand despite the objections of Darcy’s class-conscious aunt Lady Catherine, played by celebrity drag queen Shea Couleé.

Directed by DiDi Rizzo, 2019, 17 min, USA, English, L/T

Directed by DiDi Rizzo 17 m English USA

Lilac Lips, Dutchess County

A glorious fantastical modern retelling of Narcissus.

Directed by Tristan Scott-Behrends, 2021, 4 min, USA, English, Q

Directed by Tristan Scott-Behrends 4 m English USA


Ariel will try to hold the reins of his life as he faces the instability of his emotions, accompanied by a strange Eye that has come out on his back.

Directed by Gilberto David Vázquez Gómez, 2020, 15 min, Puerto Rico, Spanish with English subtitles, G

Directed by Gilberto David Vázquez Gómez 15 m Spanish with English subtitles Puerto Rico


A physicist travels back in time to try to save her relationship - and in turn, the world.

Directed by Katy Erin, 2021, 8 min, USA, English, L

Directed by Katy Erin 8 m English USA

The Lonely Prince

A lonely Prince, drowning in melancholy, invites a Sculptor to his court to create a piece of art just for him. As the Sculptor spends his days chiselling away on a block of marble, the Prince too discovers a new side of himself, for a brief moment forgetting the world of solitude that surrounds him.

Directed by Shivin & Sunny, 2020, 15 min, India, English, G

Directed by Shivin & Sunny 15 m English India

Build Yourself A Birthday Party

Cleo is anxiously trying to plan her own birthday party.

Directed by Jason P. Schumacher, 2019, 5 min, USA, English, LGBTQ+

Content Warning: Strobe/flashing lights

Directed by Jason P. Schumacher 5 m English USA

Laynie Needs A Light

Laynie Needs a Light takes place in one thrilling night when a woman pops into a local speakeasy for a drink only to become the object of a stranger's menacing affection.

Directed by Jill Harrigan, 2019, 10 min, USA, English, L

Directed by Jill Harrigan 10 m English USA

Labia of Love

A short experimental film about loving your labia by Morgana Muses.

Directed by Morgana Muses, 2017, 5 min, Australia, English, L

Directed by Morgana Muses 5 m English Australia

The Pizza Topping

Horny Pizza orders up a Hungry Boy.

Directed by Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell, 2019, 4 min, Germany, English, Q

Directed by Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell 4 m English Germany

Pops' Corn

Gay dads Chet and Aristotle serve their bratty boy Rowan his favorite camping dish.

Directed by Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell, 2020, 4 min, Germany, English, G

Content Warning: Urethral sounding

Directed by Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell 4 m English Germany

Dic Pic Picnic

When Jesse calls in sick to the annual picnic, these pervs sext the spread to Jesse's bed.

Directed by Ethan Folk & Ty Hardwell, 2020, 3 min, Germany, English, Q

Directed by Ethan Folk & Ty Hardwell 3 m English Germany