GTFO 2023

GTFO 2023

April 1, 9:30 PM – April 1, 11:30 PM

Bright Family Screening Room at the Paramount Center


Holy Cannoli, the most insane, 18+, sexy and out of this world selection of shorts lovingly selected by the WQ programming team. This year we are eating and leaving no crumbs. Not for sensitive tummies, as this program features sex, drugs, creme filling and a whole lot of vegan cake juice. Bon appetit.

CONTENT WARNING: SEXY sex, frontal nudity, drug use, gun violence

The Flour Test

A London journalist returns to his birth nation Brazil in order to face one of the demons of his adolescence: the Flour Test. This ludicrous experiment was conducted during the military dictatorship in order to determine whether army conscriptees were homosexual. It consisted of males being made to sit butt-naked on flour in order to measure the girth of their anus and the integrity of their morals. Sadly, this procedure is not confined to the past. Bolsonaro's ultra-homophobic government has attempted to introduce legislation akin to the infamous Test.CONTENT WARNING:INSTITUTIONAL HOMOPHOBIA

Directed by Victor M. Fraga 19 m English UK

Escape From Canal Street

In exchange for clues about their girlfriends disappearance, androgynous bad-boy Dell is enlisted by an icy drag queen on the path of revenge to rob a notorious downtown sugar daddy in this glitter-noir short film. CONTENT WARNING: DRUG USE AND GUN PLAY

Directed by Tristen Stafford 15 m English USA

Dentata Pearls

DENTATA PEARLS is an experimental film that
emerged during the time of isolation, out of a
desire for intimacy and a need for escape. It is a
sci-fi, queer fairytale - manifesto that envisions a
non-heteropatriarchal world of self-determination,
emancipation, and mutual care.

Directed by Antigoni "Bunny" Tsagkaropoulou 12 m English Greece

As I Live and Breathe

In a dystopian world where the air sends you to sleep, a timid romantic uses the only gas mask and her imagination to experience a fulfilling romance with an unconscious heartthrob.

Directed by William Hearle 14 m English United Kingdom

All the Pretty People

Set in the Land of the Freaks and the Home of the Depraved, Sam and Adrian, a young queer couple growing apart, endure a dystopian date night at The Country Club, a patriotic floorshow promoted by Adrian’s enigmatic sugar daddy, Fox.

Directed by Lucky Marvel 13 m English USA

Cannoli Brothers

They may not be real brothers, but their cannoli are anything but fake. CONTENT WARNING:DOCKING, MALE FRONTAL NUDITY, SEXY BUTTOCKS

Directed by Ethan Folk, Ty Wardwell 2 m English Germany

Proof is in the Pudding

Milly visits her former classmate Lise. They are invited to a vegan birthday party and discover an unsual recipe. Here they go for an afternoon of carnal explorations...CONTENT WARNING: FEMALE FRONTAL NUDITY AND SEX

Directed by Suçon - 16 m Freanch, English France