Latinx Shorts

Latinx Shorts

March 31, 1:00 PM – March 31, 4:00 PM

Bright Family Screening Room at the Paramount Center


The Good Friend

Cooling off after a hard day at work, Marcos confesses to Esteban that his relationship with his girlfriend doesn't excite him anymore. As the friends talk and joke around, the horseplay gives way to something deeper, and they begin to recognize new feelings for one another...but Esteban knows that a night of forbidden passion could destroy both their friendship and the company.

Directed by Erick Salas Kirchhausen 19 m Spanish Peru

Juan Gabriel is Dead

On the day famous mexican singer JUAN GABRIEL dies, best friends Beto and Daniel will redefine their friendship. Daniel imagines how his day would be if he were a girl. Maybe this way his feelings toward Beto would be seen as normal.

Directed by Tavo Ruiz 15 m Spanish Mexico

It's Not Your Fault

Eva returns to pick up her things after Julia, her former lover, abruptly decided to take her own life.
Filled with rage and frustration, Eva goes through the place where she once was happy but once there she will find the real reasons behind Julias death.

Directed by Norma Velasquez 20 m Spanish Peru


Ana and Paco have been a couple for years. One day Ana goes to bed with David, a classmate of both, willing to punish Paco for asking her to open the couple. Moved by guilt, she wants to tell Paco what happened, not knowing that his boyfriend intention was to include David in the relationship.

Directed by Reynier Cepero 20 m Spanish Cuba


Produced for NOWNESS’ series DEFINE GENDER, a series exploring on how gender effects our lives. This documentary explores the world of Muxes, who are considered the country’s third gender- individuals who assigned male at birth but live lives as women, in the small town of Juchitan in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Directed by Ivan Olita 10 m Mexico

Amigas with Benefits

Amigas with Benefits is a short dramedy about an elderly bride-to-be, Lupita. She is finally living her truth and is on the verge of marrying her love, Ramona. But on their special day, an uninvited guest rudely disrupts the ceremony. It takes moral courage and a far-fetched plan for the couple to find a way back to their freedom to be happy.

Directed by Adelina Anthony 10 m English, Spanish USA