Queer Lives

Queer Lives

April 7, 1:00 PM – April 7, 4:00 PM

Brattle Theatre


The world is round so that nobody can hide in the corners – Part I Refuge

The jorney of an African gay refugee seeking for asylum in Germany.

Directed by Leandro Goddinho 14 m English Germany

Fragments 83

Fragments 83 rediscovers—and repurposes—Richard Millen’s 1983 experimental film If You Can’t Be with the One You Love, shot in Brooklyn and the West Village in the early days of the AIDS epidemic. The resulting documentary explores the hunt for sex/love, the joy of making cinema, and the inexorable passage of time.

Directed by Richard Millen 19 m English USA

Gay Alien Shame Parade (GASP!)

Gay Alien Shame Parade (GASP!) was created for Nuit Rose, an arts festival at Pride Toronto, 2017. The previous year, Black Lives Matter - Toronto intervened in the Toronto Pride parade, resulting in significant changes to Pride 2017. Among the most controversial of BLM-Toronto's demands was the 'Removal of police floats in Pride marches and parades.'

Directed by Scott Sørli & Evan Tapper 5 m English Canada

98 Years and Counting: More Women Leaders Needed Everywhere

98 Years and Counting: More Women Leaders Needed Everywhere is a call for and celebration of women's leadership, as well as a stark look at the under-representation of women in positions of power and influence in the United States in 2018. We went into the field and asked women at the Oakland Women's march - what kind of women do you want to see in leadership? What are the values you want to see reflected? How can we be the ones we have been waiting for? The film is the first in a series about women’s leadership.

Directed by Zel Anders & Kirthi Nath 3 m English USA

Home Made

Home Made is an intimate, contemplative portrait of two queer tattoo artists navigating an industry traditionally dominated by white, straight, cisgender males. The film weaves together the parallel narratives of Jasmine, a shop owner in Philadelphia, and sally, a stick-and-poke artist in Brooklyn, through their trials and triumphs

Directed by Diana Khong 10 m English USA

Medulla Oblongata

Maldivian student Abraham Naim is better known as his alter ego: the powerful and sassy drag queen Medulla Oblongata, a notable figure in the Auckland LGBTQ scene. Medulla Oblongata explores where Abe is now and the life he left behind.

Directed by Roberto Nascimento 8 m English New Zealand

The world is round so that nobody can hide in the corners – Part II The Kiss

An African refugee visits the Gay Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

Directed by Leandro Goddinho 5 m English Germany

Sadie's Baby

Sadie Lune, a queer performance artist and sex worker, gives herself permission to have the baby she's always wanted, despite her illegal career.

Directed by Ian McClellan 27 m English USA