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Splendid Isolation

Splendid Isolation

April 7, 6:30 PM – April 7, 8:30 PM

Bright Family Screening Room at the Paramount Center


Directed by Urszula Antoniak 2022 1h 20m Netherlands Dutch Drama, Thriller

Little is known about the catastrophe Anna and Hannah have escaped. On a desolate island they find an abandoned house where Anna takes care of Hannah. Hannah’s fragile condition reminds the two lovers that their time together is coming to an end. One day Hannah sees someone on the beach. The intruder has followed them to the island.

Girls go to the park at night

Vera, a 26-year-old girl, wants to gain the trust of Daniela, a "bad" girl, and to do so, she will put herself at her service in a mission of which she will not be proud.

Directed by Iñaki Sánches Arrieta, Celia Cuenca 29 m Catalan Spain