The Daughters of Fire

Las hijas del fuego

The Daughters of Fire

March 30, 8:30 PM – March 30, 11:30 PM

MFA, Boston


Directed by Albertina Carri 1h 55m Argentina Spanish with English subtitles Foreign

At the very end of the world, three women meet by change and start a life changing polyamorous journey. A journey along routes and through time that turns into pure joy and rivers of pleasure and fun. They slowly unwind as they explore irreversible passion and the utopia of monogamous love, far from possession and pain, as the inevitable end to a love that fits no canon. Through her notes, Violeta tells us about the adventures of the Daughters of Fire: a group of women in the search of their own erotica.
Warning! This film contains explicit images of nudity and/or strong language. Viewer discretion is advised. (Seriously though, it’s art - relax.)

This event is proud to be co-presented by: Boston Latino International Film Festival , LatinX Pride , The Theatre Offensive , Boston Queer Polyamorous Women's Group , Boston Women's Film Festival , Cambridge Women's Center