WQ Throwback: The Hours And Times

WQ Throwback: The Hours And Times

April 3, 6:30 PM – April 3, 9:30 PM

MFA, Boston


Directed by Christopher Munch 0h 58m United States English Drama

In early 1963, right before the onset of full-fledged Beatlemania, John Lennon (Ian Hart) and Beatles manager Brian Epstein (David Angus) take a four-day holiday in Barcelona. Lennon, the working-class street tough, and Epstein, the dapper homosexual, make for unlikely friends, but their relationship blossoms over the vacation. Epstein harbors romantic feelings for his friend and client, but Lennon is more interested in the starstruck stewardess who finds her way to their hotel.

This event is proud to be co-presented by: The History Project