Trans Shorts I: We Trans on the Precipice

Trans Shorts I: We Trans on the Precipice

April 1, 12:00 AM – April 30, 11:59 PM


This is a virtual event. All shorts programs will be available between April 1-30, 2021 and all feature films will be available for ten days between April 8-18, 2021.

Seven visions of trans life, each unexpected, each an adventure into the realm of our unique experiences. We don’t do definitions, we simply (or complicatedly) are, and these films explore our existences in remarkable ways. Each film offers up indelible images and tableaus, some bring us right to the edge, some take us over it. In the end, it’s our humanity that shines out, that carries us through, that indelibly reminds you who we are. Curated by Diane Griffin.

Content Warning: Viewer discretion advised.

Canis Major

An artist suffering from server writers block relies on the friendship of their dog in this multi-genre sci-fi short. Based on many true stories, this video-animation hybrid ruminates the relationship between dancing and earthly survival at the "end of the world."

Directed by Major Charli Brissey, 2019, 10 min, USA, English, T/Q

Directed by Major Charli Brissey 10 m English USA

Mes Chéris

Part documentary, part pornography, Mes Chéris is a transboi’s farewell to his boobs. One month before his mastectomy, Jamal Phoenix takes on the role of Chéri, a character modeled after his experiences as a Fierce Fem sex worker. This raunchy tribute subverts straight porn tropes and mainstream trans* representation in a radical act of self-love.

Directed by Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell & Jamal Phoenix, 2020, 12 min, Germany, English, T

Directed by Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell & Jamal Phoenix 12 m English Germany


Blanca's reunion with her friend from college will make her relive the best decision of her life: to be who she really wants to be.

Directed by Veronica Valladares, 2020, 10 min, Spain, Spanish with English subtitles, T

Content Warning; Rape, transphobia, violence.

Directed by Veronica Valladares 10 m Spanish with English subtitles Spain

Before the Blue

BEFORE THE BLUE creates a sequence of subtly narrative and radically sensorial scenes, a stream of images/thoughts about existence and violence, the passage of time, death technologies, the power of animal and mineral bodies, and art as a possible trace left by humanity when it ceases to exist after surrendering to its own omnipotence.

Directed by Romy Pocztaruk, 2019, 14 min, Brazil, Portuguese with English subtitles, T

Directed by Romy Pocztaruk 14 m Portuguese with English subtitles Brazil


Introducing Lia: a transgender, sexually radical activist who struggles with depression and likes BDSM. Lia’s gender is a political issue, something she is faced with every day. The traumatic experiences of her life gnaw at her – at the same time, she dares to fight her pain with pain.

Directed by Helena Lea Manhartsberger & Katharina Neuhaus, 2019, 15 min, Germany, English/German with English subtitles, T

Directed by Helena Lea Manhartsberger & Katharina Neuhaus 15 m English/German with English subtitles Germany

Lana Kaiser

In 2002, Lana Kaiser became well known in the first season of the German version of the Idol television franchise. She was born in 1985 and went by her birth name Daniel Küblböck. At only 17 years old she polarised the audience with her androgynous appearance and open bisexuality. On September 9th 2018, Lana disappeared from a cruise ship on her way to North America. Most media outlets and the majority of the public didn‘t consider calling her by her chosen name, Lana Kaiser. Philipp Gufler's short film is a personal portrait of the singer and entertainer.

Directed by Philipp Gufler, 2020, 13 min, Germany, German with English subtitles, T

Directed by Philipp Gufler 13 m German with English subtitles Germany

Shedding Skin

ALICIA (39) is a seamstress. She works designing and making women's clothing, but behind the fabrics she hides the secret of her own body; the nuisance and disconformity that she feels with it after having been mastectomized as a result of breast cancer. After the accidental flooding of her apartment she meets LUCIA (41), a transsexual woman who is her new neighbor.

Directed by Katherina Harder Sacre, 2020, 17 min, Spain, Spanish with English subtitles, T

Directed by Katherina Harder Sacre 17 m Spanish with English subtitles Spain