Wicked Funny: Comedy Shorts

Wicked Funny: Comedy Shorts

April 9, 5:00 PM – April 9, 7:00 PM

Bright Family Screening Room at the Paramount Center


If you need a laugh, you've come to the right place. Snuff films, a gay hit man, a threesome that basically turned into a twosome, sisters battling it out in an epic thumb war...and so much more. Sit back and get ready for some amazing, happy, and hilarious Queer stories.

Hex The Patriarchy

Fed up with being bullied in high school, best friends Bex and Wren strike back with a bit of magic that has unintended consequences.

Directed by Anne Brashier 6 m English USA


A woman in the middle of an affair arrives home to find her wife (Saoirse-Monica Jackson of Derry Girls) making a snuff film in their living room.

Directed by Louise Nesbitt 8 m English Ireland

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

On his 25th birthday, Cary brings his friends to the desert and requests one gift: for them to list everything they hate about him. A reckoning ensues.

Directed by Neal Suresh Mulani 15 m English USA


An unexpected love story develops over a box of tampons between Phoebe, a mini mart cashier, and Kirby, a guy in transition.

Directed by Alexandra Greenspan 12 m English USA


When a non-binary Gem attends their cis mate's hen's night, the girlies turn from bubbly bridesmaids to cock hungry demons. But Gem could never have known just how far they would get under their skin.

Gem (Frankie McNair) and Trisha (Mish Wittrup) have been friends since childhood. Gem will be at Trisha's side on the big day without a doubt. But their bond is no match for the Three Bridesmaids of the Apocalypse. Under the influence of bad vodka and worse friends, Trisha turns from girl-boss ally to monstrous beast in the space of a Ginuwine remix.

Directed by Alice Tovey 10 m English Australia


JACK ROTH (Cheyenne Jackson) - once the hottest star of cable news - stumbles upon a "newsworthy sex scandal" and ends up facing off against all sides, including the corporation he works for.

Directed by Sam McConnell 13 m English USA

Hit Friends

Alice and Paul are best friends who do everything together, but when Alice reveals that she went to Six Flags without Paul, he starts to question their friendship. Oh, and they’re hired assassins. CONTENT WARNING: GUNS

Directed by Daniel Rashid 13 m English USA

Open to it: Episode 4

A loving gay couple experiments with becoming a hot gay throuple. But threesome sex and open relationships come with more complications than limbs.

Directed by Frank Smith 16 m English USA

Digital Warfare

When two lazy sisters argue about whose turn it is to replenish the snacks, they are transported to a fantastical boxing ring to duke it out over a thumb wrestling match.

Directed by Stephanie Farber 9 m English USA