Women's Shorts 2021

Women's Shorts 2021

April 1, 12:00 AM – April 30, 11:59 PM


This is a virtual event. All shorts programs will be available between April 1-30, 2021 and all feature films will be available for ten days between April 8-18, 2021.

There will be more laughing than crying in this year's women's shorts program. This year, we’re happy to bring you a much lighter program with a sprinkle of lesbian drama throughout. Expect a cat or two and “very lesbian” acoustic music. Curated by Katie Shannon.


It appears Lizzy has an obsession with novelty candles. But the truth is her "burning" desire isn’t for candles, it’s for the girl selling them. Will she work up the courage to ask her out or will she just buy out the whole store?

Directed by Leela Varghese, 2019, 7 min, Australia, English, L

Directed by Leela Varghese 7 m English Australia

Evelyn & Pamela

Sydney, 1958. As the sun goes down, two women reconnect in a quiet bookshop after spending years apart. Though a life together seems impossible, they try and make the most out of their fleeting moment of contact.

Directed by Alexandria Greenhalgh, 2019, 17 min, Australia, English, L

Directed by Alexandria Greenhalgh 17 m English Australia

Feeling Flush

Vicki idolizes her new girlfriend Samantha, but draws the line when it comes to her time on the porcelain throne. Their small bathroom gets awkward when Samatha challenges Vicki’s definition of intimacy.

Directed by Erin Brown Thomas, 2020, 10 min, USA, English, L

Directed by Erin Brown Thomas 10 m English USA


Max and Daphne share a lovestruck evening while a bizarre secret looms.

Directed by Nancy Webb, 2020, 13 min, Canada, English, L

Directed by Nancy Webb 13 m English Canada

Her + Her

Her & Her have been seeing each other for a few months now and are both very much in love. But they have just moved in to Her small one bedroom flat and of course she’s brought the dog! Suddenly Her home is their home and the realities of their differences come to full view. Different backgrounds, cultures, upbringings, rules. Part Poetry video. Part music video. This experimental short film is a lyrical and musical story told using poetry and beatboxing.

Directed by Jade Anouka, 2020, 13 min, United Kingdom, English, L

Directed by Jade Anouka 13 m English United Kingdom

Are You Still Watching?

Are You Still Watching? explores the emancipatory power of the queer imagination, combining erotic fan fiction tropes, magical realism and a firm camp sensibility.

Directed by Alex Cardy & Tali Polichtuk & Kitty Chrystal, 2021, 6 min, Australia, English, L

Directed by Alex Cardy & Tali Polichtuk & Kitty Chrystal 6 m English Australia

Got Game?

After a long period of sexual drought, Khudejha is awkward as hell and desperately wants to hook up with someone again. Newly single and with the help of her wing-woman Natasha, their new adventure at a kink party awaits.

Directed by Fatimah Asghar, 2020, 15 min, USA, English, L/Q

Directed by Fatimah Asghar 15 m English USA

Sam & Emma

When their love wanes after a miscarriage, two heartbroken women try to piece together their relationship, highlighting the hardship and dysfunction that can arise from trauma and grief.

Directed by Vanessa Leigh, 2020, 15 min, USA, English, L

Content Warning: Miscarriage.

Directed by Vanessa Leigh 15 m English USA

The Test

Hoping to take the next big step in their life together, two women await the results of a test that could not only put an end to their plans, but perhaps even their relationship.

Directed by Jessica Smith, 2020, 8 min, Australia, English, L

Directed by Jessica Smith 8 m English Australia