BIPOC shorts: Ubuntu: I Am Because of Who We Are

BIPOC shorts: Ubuntu: I Am Because of Who We Are

April 1, 3:30 PM – April 1, 5:30 PM

Bright Family Screening Room at the Paramount Center


There is a word in South Africa; Ubuntu. It is a concept or philosophy recognizing that we are all tied together in infinite ways that can seem invisible to the eye. That there is a oneness, a wholeness to humanity; that we achieve our true selves by sharing ourselves with others, and caring for those around us - and vice versa. I hope this year’s BIPOC program takes you on a journey of the thoughts, feelings, connections, visibility, relatability, awareness, emotions, pain, strength and so much more that is the beating pulse behind the vastness of the African diaspora.

This event is proud to be co-presented by: The LOCS Collective , Queer Scouts Boston


A chance encounter with a stranger, Alex, at a record store leads Kevin on an over-thinker’s journey to discover what this new relationship is.

Directed by Tony Moore, Wesley Quinn 11 m n/a USA

Egúngún (Masquerade)

Seeking healing, a woman must return to Lagos, the city of her birth.

Directed by Olive Nwosu 14 m English Nigeria

Miss Misery

After being broken up with by her girlfriend, a willful nineteen year old must recount her past mistakes during a visit with her estranged older sister.

Directed by Keely Martin 18 m English USA

The Devil Inside Me

A grieving mother believing her son to be possessed by the devil, forces him through a spiritual-religious cleansing. ‘The Devil Inside’ is a poetic exploration of ‘Love’ and the grotesque mutations it can take. A surreal, horror-infused look at a Mother whose intense protective love of her child and innate belief in a deity incite her to take measures that will dismember her son’s trust in her and the world around him. Without acceptance there can be no trust, without trust there can be no love.

Directed by Gabriel Arrahnio 5 m English UK

Don't Text Your Ex

Surviving a global pandemic being Queer, cute and still in love with your ex.

Directed by Jo Gustin 14 m English Canada

I Identify as Me

I Identify as Me is a character-based, experimental short film that highlights Trans, gender-diverse people and masculine-presenting women who are Black and Brown. Each character’s intersectional experiences connect us with common themes of their gender expressions outside of social norms, self-exploration, and affirming their true selves. Characters shed light on the reality of violence and murder that can be inflicted due to someone’s race, gender, and sexuality. Despite these systematic and social challenges, the characters reaffirm that acceptance and self-love are the paths forward.

Directed by Tina Colleen, Monick Monell 11 m English USA

Eye of the Veil

After the sudden death of her pregnant partner, a closeted attorney must embrace her sexuality and humanity, as she seeks custody of their newborn.

Directed by Dorothy A. Atabong 23 m English Canada


Dampened by office life during a wet Vancouver winter, a genderqueer Trinidadian woman, Marlinn, misses out on the chance to celebrate Carnival season back home. Until, one night, they discover that the power of masquerade is within them no matter where they are.

Directed by Lauren Marsden 12 m English Canada