Current Mood: Youth

Current Mood: Youth

Saturday, Apr 1, 2017 • 2:00 PM

Brattle Theatre

Dive into a selection of shorts that give you an in-depth look on those awkward teenage years where puberty isn't the only strange thing you are dealing with. These coming of age shorts will give you a glimpse on the life of a modern LGBTQ young person. Some themes featured will be exploration, loss, fear, young love and sexuality.

Swallowing Ants

Kate, having just confessed her feelings for her (straight) best friend, is reeling from being rejected, discovering her sexuality, and having opened her mouth in the first place. When she spends a weekend at her grandmother's after not seeing her for years, Kate is forced to reflect about just how much she has been swallowing her feelings—among other things.

Dir. Katie Schiller. 5 min. USA. 2016.

Directed by Katie Schiller 6 m USA


In one long evening, Noam could barely sleep. In a dark room, he occupies himself with playing the piano, chatting online and watching TV. In the morning after Noam secretly goes to meet an older man where Noam would find out his true sexuality. In the middle of nowhere, between the two forms a cold, intimate and discrete encounter. Noam is left alone. It's morning and the sun is shining, but the feeling stays dark and vague. Noam walks to the unknown.

Dir. Asaf Yecheskel. 12 min. Israel. 2016.

Directed by Daniel Schiffman 12 m Israel

It Should Feel Like Home

40% of homeless youth identify as LGBT - hear their perspectives on homeless shelters - filmed in Pittsburgh.

Dir. Mark Janavel. 9 min. USA. 2016.

Directed by Mark Janavel 9 m USA

The Surf Report

When a surfer disappears from Rockaway, a gritty New York City beach, his grieving lover searches for him across dimensions in a session with a mysterious tarot reader. What begins as a lark turns deadly serious as the film glides toward a tragic reunion.

Dir. Courtney Faye Powell. 15 min. USA. 2016.

Directed by Courtney Faye Powell 15 m USA


Rink is a 10 minute coming of age story about emergence, identity and confidence.
When Tomboy Jane – on the brink of her teens - inadvertently flirts with another girl at the local ice rink she is amazed and surprised when the girl flirts back. Assuming the girl thinks she is a boy, Jane goes to extraordinary lengths to prove her boyhood.

Dir. Gail Hackston. 10 min. United Kingdom. 2016.

Directed by Gail Hackston 10 m UK

The Lessons My Mother Taught Me

Benji tells us the story of the beginning and the tragic ending of his friendship with Nino. The contrast between what is narrated and what is seen questions the memories of important events in our lives. Benji's first sexual experience brings out his latent sadistic nature to which he never admits he has. He justifies the murder of his best and only friend through the lessons his mother taught him.

Dir. Cesar Turim. 12 min. Brazil. 2016.

Directed by Cesar Turim 12 m Brazil


As summer draws to a close, a young trans girl finds freedom in a secret midnight swim.

Dir. Mari Walker. 10 min. USA. 2016.

Directed by Mari Walker 10 m USA

Dare and Truth

Gabriel and his friends decide to play Truth or Dare one day after school. They don't except things to take a serious turn and Gabriel's secret to be revealed.

Dir. Thomas Rivera Montes. 15 min. USA. 2016.

Directed by Thomas Rivera Montes 15 m USA