Paternal Rites

With Special Guest Jules Rosskam

Paternal Rites

March 31, 3:30 PM – March 31, 6:30 PM

MFA, Boston


Directed by Jules Rosskam Documentary

Paternal Rites is a first-person essay film that examines the secret underbelly of a contemporary Jewish American family as they grapple with the aftereffects of physical and sexual abuse on their present-day lives. It is also a groundbreaking film about the nature of trauma and memory itself: the ways in which trauma encrypts in uncanny ways; the function of speech and narrative in the process of decryption; and the role of film and filmmaking in the practice of healing. Paternal Rites draws inspiration from podcasts like This American Life and Radiolab and the long lineage of LGBT essay filmmakers in the U.S. such as Jenni Olson, Marlon Riggs, and Richard Fung.

This event is proud to be co-presented by: Boston Jewish Film Festival


Noam, young gay guy, discovers his father, who just died, had a secret romance with another married man. He follows and meets that man. He now holds his father’s secret.

Directed by Yuval Aharoni 25 m Hebrew Israel