This is a Life: Queer Asian Stories

This is a Life: Queer Asian Stories

April 8, 4:00 PM – April 8, 6:00 PM

Bright Family Screening Room at the Paramount Center


This year, we want to embrace and celebrate the diverse journeys that Queer and Asian individuals embark on no matter where they are in life. From young adults discovering themselves to seniors reflecting on their past, each story in our shorts program offers a unique perspective on the current realities and future dreams Queer Asians have all around the world.

This event is proud to be co-presented by: Boston Asian American Film Festival


It's a story of two souls who want to live happily ever after and want to blend in with the crowd.

Directed by Kapil Joshi 6 m Hindi Inda

After Sunset, Dawn Arrives

In the early 2000s, old China Town, Los Angeles, when introverted and unsociable sixty-five-year-old Chinese man, Wan falls in love with a man who is nearly 30 years younger than him, Wan struggles to embrace his homosexual identity which he has been suppressed for his entire life and simultaneously confronts his guilt towards his long deceased Chinese wife.

Directed by Andy Yi Li 17 m English USA

Baby Trans

Paradoxe offers a portrait of Laure, a gentle but intense soul. As she begins feminizing hormone therapy, Laure learns to tame the bodily, emotional and identity changes she’s experiencing. CONTENT WARNING: RACIAL SLUR, RECOUNTING DEATH AND DRUG USE

Directed by Aimé Majeau Beauchamp 12 m French Canada

Tank Fairy

In Taiwan, "song wa si de" are workers who routinely supply gas tanks to street vendors and old residential buildings. The magical Tank Fairy delivers her tanks unlike any other - with sass, stilettos and a healthy helping of glitter. Her arrival upends the life of Jojo, a lonely ten-year-old who dreams of dancing and drag. Outcast by classmates and misunderstood by his stern, single mom, Jojo is inspired to live out loud by his fierce, propane-toting fairy godmother. TANK FAIRY is a musical extravaganza that encourages us all to embrace our authentic selves. CONTENT WARNING: TRANSPHOBIA

Directed by Erich Rettstadt 雷利 10 m

Butch Up!

“Stop being miserable.” After hearing her ex’s last words to her, Mi-hae, a lead singer of an independent band, cannot get herself to sing the band’s most popular song, Oppa’s Girl.

Directed by Yu-Jin Lee 12 m Korean South Korea

Future Flowers

A sham-married queer woman and queer man live together but have entirely separate lives. Yet, their schedules are linked by a propagandistic program that nudges them toward a single goal.

Directed by Hao Zhou 10 m Chinese China

Play House

Xiao Lin and Chuan Yu are lesbian lovers who work in soft porn industries. One day a man hired them to act as his wife and daughter. However, the relationship among them gradually grew tense. CONTENT WARNING: SEXUAL ASSAULT

Directed by Xinyi Cao 26 m Mandarin Chian

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An aging gay man in mid-stage alzheimer's struggles to hold onto his identity and onto the memory of his one true love.

Directed by Jake Muñoz Consing 15 m Tagalog Philippines