SOLD OUT: Women's Shorts

SOLD OUT: Women's Shorts

March 30, 6:00 PM – March 30, 9:00 PM

Bright Family Screening Room at the Paramount Center


Love, sex, hate, obsession, lies...and dancing are just a few words that describe this years very talented women's program. Curated by Katie Shannon, Kimya Monteiro, and Beyza Burcak.

This event is proud to be co-presented by: Scandinavian Cultural Center , Cambridge Women's Center

Endless Summer for the Queer Mind

In a desperate attempt to erase her forbidden female love, Mia is caught between her true desires and the need to fit into the sexual norms of a 1960s society

Directed by Ricardo Dal Moro 10 m

Terminally in Love

Terminally in Love is a first-person journey through the mind of Quinn, a neurotic stoner struggling to get over her ex-girlfriend, Allie, as she slips from reality into a stream of heroic fantasies, wistful memories, and cringeworthy dreams.

Directed by Emily Jenkins 17 m

Foxy Trot

A married couple unexpectedly faces their relationship issues when they take ballroom dance lessons in a very heteronormative class.

Directed by Lisa Donato 15 m

Girl Talk

Girl Talk is a film centered around the complexities of sex, love and intimacy through the lens of Mia, a young and queer identified protagonist. The film redefines the queer narrative.

Directed by Erica Rose 17 m

I'm Sorry

Everyone thinks Addy is in the perfect relationship with her girlfriend Salka. When Addy witnesses her friend help another friend from an abusive relationship, Addy is forced to look at the flaws in her own relationship.

Directed by Lovisa Lara 17 m Drama

Time & Again

Eleanor and Isabelle meet again, sixty years after their break up.

Directed by Rachel Dax 27 m

Long Distance

A young Indian woman living in Australia gets a call from her Mum back home.

Directed by Anoop Lokkur 7 m