Coming of Age Shorts

Coming of Age Shorts

March 31, 1:00 PM – March 31, 4:00 PM

Brattle Theatre


Wild Beasts

In the middle of the winter in Northern-Norway and surrounded by a wild group of kids, a young boy’s impulses are affected by his attraction to his best friend.

Directed by Sverre Kvamme 10 m Norwegian Norway


Darren is determined to find a connection, no matter how many people he has to go through. Explore the day in the life of a queer, polyamorous relationship, in all it's awkward beauty.

Directed by Tony Clemente Jr 5 m English USA


I came out as transgender to my parents months ago.
Before talking to them I was hopeful. I was terrified, but I was hopeful.
Too much hopeful.

Directed by Ben Lemaire 3 m French France

Pop Rox

Jesse, an Iranian-American teenage girl, decides to tell her best friend, Roxanne, that she's in love with her.

Directed by Nate Trinrud 12 m English USA

Bo and Mei

A young Chinese immigrant stands up against the prejudices experiences externally and within their home.

Directed by Camille Nock 15 m English United Kingdom


Rejected for being FEMME, Carson journeys toward self-acceptance by way of a manic existential crisis and a drag queen fairy godmother.

Directed by Alden Peters 18 m English USA

Violet and June

Violet & June is a short film about falling in love, the terror of being alive in a cold heartless universe, and butts.

Directed by Linnea Ritland 7 m English Canada


When Jace’s cousin, Dakota, visits for the weekend, Jace is more than a little annoyed. If his group of roughhousing friends discover that Dakota is transgender, the damage to Jace's reputation would be irreparable. When Dakota's transgender identity is finally revealed, Jace is confronted with a decision: betray his cousin or stand up to his friends and lose face in this small community.

Directed by Brian MacNeel 17 m English USA


One Boy, One Girl and her Stepbrother. A date goes wrong. This movie was made for the entrance examination at the Film Academy Baden - Württemberg. The examination was to create a movie under the topic "sexual determination" in only 72 hours time.

Directed by Arkadij Khaet 5 m German Germany

Louder Than Words

A budding romance blooms when a deaf dancer meets a talented musician.

Directed by Julio Dowansingh 17 m English USA