Kill the Monsters

With Special Guest Director Ryan Lonergan

Kill the Monsters

April 5, 7:30 PM – April 5, 10:30 PM

Brattle Theatre


Directed by Ryan Lonergan 1h 20m Drama

Handsome control freak Patrick (writer-director Ryan Lonergan, A THOUSAND BEAUTIFUL THINGS), his second half, the charismatic, impulsive, trust fund baby Sutton (Garrett McKechnie, TERRITORY), and the third and newest member of their threesome, darling boy toy Frankie (Jack Ball, HENRY GAMBLE’S BIRTHDAY PARTY), live the charmed life of your average, everyday thruple. But when Frankie is stricken with a mysterious illness, the dynamic trio swings into action, heading west in search of a holistic cure. On the way, between fights and makeup sex in nondescript hotel rooms, the unique challenges facing this three-way relationship are probed. Shot in radiant black and white with a lively music score, part gorgeous travelogue, part political allegory, and a full on examination of the quirks and kinks of a loving threesome, KILL THE MONSTERS is the road trip you wish you could take.